Celebs confirm the trend of vibrant colors in party dresses

It happened in Los Angeles to award the 2012 Emmy Award, the Oscar of American TV. On the red carpet celebrities paraded the main trends of fashion feast, bringing wonderful dresses for all styles, tastes and body shapes. The highlight goes to the vibrant colored, which transformed the looks of a real famous in color theory class. The bright colors, also called trend “brights”, most associated with summer vacation and now also invade the gala evenings, but be careful not to overdo it!

Stars like Claire Danes and Julianne Moore gambled more citrus yellows, while Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara brought beautiful dresses in turquoise or seafoam. We also emphasize the shades of red and burgundy (wine tone) that left the evening even more sensual and feminine.

The fishtail flare silhouette, better known as vibrant and colorful mermaid were the big highlight of 2012 Emmy dresses

But as fashion is always movement and countermovement, the nudes and neutrals were also present, as well as glare, Classic Red Carpet. Synonymous with glamor, tail mermaid silhouette was the most striking of the night. The shape darling of Hollywood was sexier than ever and appeared in several ways: strapless dresses, one-shoulder and asymmetrical models mainly. Perfect for highlighting the curves, the traditional mermaid tail left the celebrities even more stunning!

Among the accessories, the focus is on the cluches had almost obligatory presence.

If you will be godmother, mother of the bride or groom, looking for prom dresses or wedding here’s the main trends in fashion feast and be inspired! Check dressed the most famous brands in the world. See also makeup tips and many hairstyles to rock in your party. The brightness is almost unanimous when it comes to party. In 2012 he appeared in Emmy dresses integers in details like embroidery and stones and accessories. The colors that predominated were nude, and pastel tones, like they could not miss the classic black.

Dressed in Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors marked the feast of the Emmy 2012. This trend is called “brights” and promises to enlighten the gala evenings around the world. Greens, blues, rosáceos, yellows, reds … a true rainbow that came to renew the air of party dresses. That’s right, fashion is now coloring! Accessories in contrasting colors or neighboring colors to complement the look: green combined with yellow, red with golden yellow with blue. No matter, the rule is playing hamonizar colors and feel even more beautiful and powerful! Just have to be careful not to overdo it to keep from getting corny.

Dresses in Burgundy

The tones of wine, also called burgundies, are among the top trends for 2013. In party dresses evoke the sensuality of red in a more chic and discreet. The red wedding gown is among the favorites of the famous. Sexy alone appeared in several modeling: with mermaid silhouette syrup (which show even more curves), with inspiration from Greek goddesses, and also in asymmetric models clean. No matter the shape, color was the big star of the night! Party dresses with mermaid wedding dresses and asymmetrical modeling. Models also present more clean.

Yellow Party Dresses

The dresses yellow caused controversy. For some, illuminated at night, others were synonymous with bad taste! What is certain is that they are in perfect harmony with the trend brights, from vibrant colors. In clarinhos tones, citrus or intense yellow dresses drew attention on the red carpet. Were used with gold fixtures or contrasting colors like turquoise. Accessories turquoise were used to hamonizar yellow. Golden were also used with the yellow dresses.

Nudes in gray tones

The trend of nudes, chart color more “unconscious”, comes a few years and promises to remain, especially in fashion party. Emmy was in the choice of many stars, models appeared in embroidery, and draping mermaid style, always evoking romance.


Author: S. Philips

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