Geneva, SwitzerlandA walk around the Geneva’s lakefront

Geneva’s lakefront is one of the city’s greatest assets.

The familiar Jet d’eau spouts a column of lake water as high as 450 feet in the air, and on a clear day you can see the Mont-Blanc.

As you stroll down the lakeside quays you’ll pass by beautiful flowerbeds and other exotic flora as well as elegant old residences. As for what’s on the water – swans, ducks and diving birds cohabit with a multitude of brightly colored sailing boats just waiting for a regatta.

On the right bank, take a look at the Brunswick Monument which contains the tomb of Charles II, Duke of Brunswick. Charles left his fortune to the city of Geneva, with the condition that the city place him in a replica of Verona’s Scaligeri Mausoleum.

Further along the quay is the Pâquis Jetty with its lighthouse and the public baths.

Crossing the Mont-Blanc bridge towards the left bank, don’t miss the Jardin anglais (English Garden). Here you’ll find the famous flower clock, a reflection of Geneva’s preoccupation with watchmaking, and the National Monument which commemorates Geneva’s joining the rest of Switzerland in 1815.

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