The One

The One Bag is the ultimate object of 21st century craving, not just for supermodels and celebrities but for working ladies from all walks of life.

Today we are ready to spend more on a bag  and we want the rest of the world to know about it.

Clothing on the catwalk ranks second in this most sought-after accessory. Clothing is superfluous; It’s just about the One bag.

But why do we find such coveted bags? In part because they have become a unique statement about the status of women, fashion and buying power, and the growing popularity of handbags over the last 100 years has been followed by the increasing social independence of their owners.

Salmon pink gag

Two hundred years ago, a woman’s role was mostly domestic, and she kept her things in a purse tucked into the folds of her clothes.

But as the women began to leave home, both for leisure and work, the bags became a useful way to carry their belongings.

Rail and sea travel caused an explosion in the popularity of fashionable luggage such as suitcases, suitcases, hats and shoe boxes, from which the modern leather bag was developed.

As the women gained financial independence, the bag today is a must.

A True Classic Never Dies!

It is an inarguable fact that today’s society has happily thrown its former opinions and values to the wind in favor of a more flamboyant lifestyle. This can be seen by the popular manner of clothing, hairstyle, music, activities and, perhaps most noticeably, its popular jewelry. Once kept small and sedate jewelry is now making its own debut in the more popular at Eastern and tribal styles found in Africa and Asia.

There are, however, some classics which remain untouched. The purity and beauty of plain silver jewelry has not lost its appeal in the current craze for the unusual; in fact, with the return to several of the classic styles of dress and mannerisms plain silver jewelry is more popular than ever before.

The trend in plain silver pendants dates back to the dark ages, when men and women wore silver crosses in an attempt to protect themselves from those things that went bump in the night. While the effectiveness of these dubious charms and pendants was never proven, they remain an integral part of the foundation of jewelry design for the rest of history. There are very few individuals today who can say that they have never owned or worn a simple cross necklace at some point in their youth. From the necklace of the cross spraying various other, more complex designs; however, the principle of simplicity and purity remain the same.

Plain silver pendants got their next big boost with the advent of the charm bracelet. A charm bracelet is a bracelet made of many links put together upon which small charms can be hung. These charms range from the classic cross (take note of how the Christian religion continues to influence people’s mannerisms and style of dress throughout history) to be more flamboyant red high-heeled shoes and four leaf clovers. These were incredibly popular in the late 20th century, and remained a popular fashion item among children and young teenagers today. Most of these charms are alike in that they are not incredibly complex; however, it is their simplicity that in many ways makes them more appealing. Charm bracelets bring to mind hot summer nights and childish wishes upon a star.

The latest trends in silver jewelry are the Italian charm bracelets. Introduced to Americans by the Italian nation in the 21st century, these innovative versions of an old classic have set the fashion industry on its ear. Italian charm bracelets consist of links which link together overtop of a core frame; however, unlike the traditional charm bracelet there is nothing dangling off these bracelets. They present a clean, smooth line that serves to greatly reduce the risk of the charms being broken or damaged due to normal wear and tear.

Regardless of what the fashion industry considers to be hot and in vogue today, plain silver pendants will never go out of style. These can be found at any local jewelry store or designed by any clever designer

Dress for Success

Are you looking to dress for success? If you are interested in improving your professionalism at work or if you are interested in wowing your friends or family members at a social event, you may be interested in doing so. Dressing for success is a great goal to have, but that goal can sometimes be difficult to accomplish. The good news is that there are a number of resources that you can use to your advantage.

The internet is one of the many resources that you can use to your advantage, when looking to improve your appearance or dress for success. You can easily find a number of fashion themed websites. These websites will likely cover topics such as dressing for success for formal events or for work related purposes. You may receive the latest information on the newest fashions, as well as tips to help you when you start shopping. You can also visit the online websites of popular online fashion or career magazines, depending on your needs. You can easily find all of these websites by performing a standard internet search.

Speaking of fashion magazines and career magazines, you may want to use them to your advantage as well. You can purchase magazine subscriptions for discounted prices, but you can also pick them up at local retail stores or as you go along. If you make the decision to purchase career or fashion magazines locally or as you go along, you may want to first flip through them. This will help to make sure that the magazines in questions are filled with pictures and articles that focus on dressing for success. Magazines are a great way to go about dressing for success, as they often provide you with a wealth of information, concerning fashions in today’s society.

Returning to the internet, there are a number of programs, also commonly referred to as games, that you can use to your advantage. If used properly, they can help you achieve your goal of dressing for success. These online resources can allow you to create an online image or version of yourself. This often requires you to enter in your height, weight, and overall shape. You can determine which types of clothing pieces and outfits work best with your body. This is also a great way to find colors that match or flow together well. You may also be able to find programs that focus on hair and makeup, in addition to clothing.

Jessica B.'s Black Dress
Another one of the many resources that you can use, when looking to improve your professionalism by dressing for success, is by using the services of fashion consultants.
Fashion consultants are known as being experts in the field of fashion. For a reasonable fee, a fashion consultant can help you determine which dress for success clothes you should wear, when you should wear them, and so much more. Fashion consultants tend to offer different services, but may will also shop with their clients or provide them with money saving shopping tips. Whether you are looking to dress for success for work related purposes or socially related purposes, a fashion consultant may be able to provide you with assistance.

As outlined above, there are a number of different resources that you can use to improve your public perception. This can easily be done by dressing for success.

One Fabulous Pheasant: The Haute Couture Peacock Plume

There are many beautiful animals in this world; the spots on the cheetah have inspired designers for decades, and the perfectly symmetrical patterns on a butterfly are breathtaking, but can any of them truly compare to the delightfully gaudy display of a proud peacock?  With feathers reaching up to four feet long, and adorned with the iridescent shimmer of greens, purples, blues, and reds there is no other animal that can compete with the regal beauty of peacocks.  In fact, the very word “ostentatious’ comes from the term “ostentatious’ which refers to a group (or flock) of peacocks.


 peacock feather



There are many beautiful animals in this world; the spots on the cheetah have inspired designers for decades, and the perfectly symmetrical patterns on a butterfly are breathtaking, but can any of them truly compare to the delightfully gaudy display of a proud peacock?  With feathers reaching up to four feet long, and adorned with the iridescent shimmer of greens, purples, blues, and reds there is no other animal that can compete with the regal beauty of peacocks.  In fact, the very word “ostentations” comes from the term “ostentation”‘ which refers to a group (or flock) of peacocks.

One of the few species of animal where the male is the more beautiful of the sexes, the word ‘Peacock’ actually only refers to the males, whereas the females are called ‘Peahens’, and they together are called ‘Peafowl’.  The males use their display of tail feathers, also called coverts, in mating rituals and courtship displays to attract a mate.  The female peacocks choose their mates depending on the size, color, and quality of the peacock’s feathers.  These gorgeous feathers can take up over half of the male peafowl’s, or peacock’s total body length, whereas the female peahens have short, plainly colored tail feathers.

Peacocks have long been the fashion-forward pheasants, the couture birds, the absolutely fabulous fowl of the animal kingdom, and their feathers have long been just as trend-setting influential in the human kingdom as well.  Peacocks have been a symbol of wealth, beauty and rebirth since ancient times, and their images could be found in early Christian tomb art, and were a favorite motif in Rome as early as the third century.  In the Middle and Far East, pictures of these plumes, as well as the actual feathers themselves, were used to adorn everything from clothing to house goods.

In the late 1800’s, images of peacocks, and the beautiful patterns of their plumes started being used in visual art in the Western world as well.  As the gilded and intricately detailed designs from Islamic and Middle Eastern art began to gain popularity in the west, designers like William Morris began to incorporate the ostentatious beauty of the peacock plumes in their interior designs.  Around this time, an English group of artists called the Aesthetics were producing gorgeous pieces of art using influences from other cultures, specifically Japanese and Islamic designs.

More recently, in the 1970’s natural objects were beginning to be used more prevalently in fashion, and peacock feathers were used on headbands, jewelry, and handbags.  As the “Boho Chic” look has recently made a strong resurgence, so has the use of peacock feathers in everything from earrings, hair pieces, jewelry, belts, and handbags.  The peacock print whether left in its natural state, or superimposed into mod looking patterns, makes beautiful pieces of clothing and can be seen on catwalks from New York to Milan, from every major fashion house.



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The Monogram

A monogram can be found almost anywhere; you just have to look closely. High end cars  will oftentimes have their company monogram sewn into the leather seats or as part of their hood ornament. The Bentley car company is also known for its very high end monogrammed “B” insignia. Many couture fashion designers use their monogram in their collections. Louis Vuitton is the most recognizable with most of their pieces made from leather or fabric with the company’s signature LV monogram. Gucci, Fendi, and Jessica B. are just a few other designers who have followed with the monogram trend and have had their yearly profits soar with these design campaigns.

JB monogram
Monograms will always be an elegant and timeless way to adorn a special keepsake. A monogram has endless possibilities and is truly unique to the owner. They are something that will be always changing with births, marriages, and life. See how you can be creative and make some memories for you and your family.

A Men’s Corduroy Blazer Is A Must-Have Accessory

Classic and comfortable, a men’s corduroy blazer is a must have piece in any man’s wardrobe. This rugged item can be dressed down or up to fit the occasion, ranging from comfortable days at the office to enjoyable conversations over coffee.  It is also multi-seasonal and perfect for travel, since the fabric resists wrinkles.

For the office, a men’s corduroy blazer looks fantastic when paired with tweeds and khakis. It adds a touch of hip authority and recalls the intellectual mastery of a college professor. To further add to that particular mystique, a sweater vest in warm, neutral tones is a must-have.  It can also be modernized with the use of bright accent colors, such as a solid tie in an eye catching shade, with a stark, white shirt. There are full corduroy suits on the market, but one must take care not to resemble a school boy getting ready for church. A men’s corduroy blazer is the way to incorporate the fabric, without appearing as wearing a costume.  After hours, it can take on a literate air, as an addition to the standard polo shirt and khakis. The effect is especially hip when worn with a strikingly designed t-shirt and distressed jeans.  The weight of the fabric lends itself to rolling, and a men’s corduroy blazer with rolled up sleeves can add an ironic touch to date night outfit. There are very few things this multi-tasking garment can’t work with. A dapper kilt, cargo pants, tight fitting jeans… the possibilities are endless.

corduroy jacket

When traveling for business or pleasure, a men’s corduroy blazer is ideal for long plane flights. Tight seating is not a problem with this comfortable material and is nearly guaranteed to arrive looking presentable. As you are wearing the coat, you will have more room in your suitcase for the essentials. A men’s corduroy blazer is also fit for all but the most formal of occasions, making it a natural choice for travel. Since museums and other buildings of interest can be chilly, it is also inherently practical, especially when traveling to destinations where the weather and temperature change rapidly.  The truly fashion forward can try a it with a pair of board shorts and sandals, or as a topper on the beach.

This signature piece can also be a charming addition to a woman’s wardrobe. Slightly oversized, a men’s corduroy blazer becomes a playful touch when paired with floral frocks. A t-shirt and skinny jeans become slightly more polished when a jacket is thrown over the top. Again, this can prove a multi-seasonal piece for ladies, as well, since there will be room for layering sweaters and scarves in the colder months. There is also something delightful about a woman wearing clothing that belongs to the opposite sex, especially if it belongs to a special someone. By borrowing his jacket, she can take him with her, wherever she goes, and be reminded of him.  This truly is a must-have accessory for any wardrobe, male or female.

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