A Men’s Corduroy Blazer Is A Must-Have Accessory

Classic and comfortable, a men’s corduroy blazer is a must have piece in any man’s wardrobe. This rugged item can be dressed down or up to fit the occasion, ranging from comfortable days at the office to enjoyable conversations over coffee.  It is also multi-seasonal and perfect for travel, since the fabric resists wrinkles.

For the office, a men’s corduroy blazer looks fantastic when paired with tweeds and khakis. It adds a touch of hip authority and recalls the intellectual mastery of a college professor. To further add to that particular mystique, a sweater vest in warm, neutral tones is a must-have.  It can also be modernized with the use of bright accent colors, such as a solid tie in an eye catching shade, with a stark, white shirt. There are full corduroy suits on the market, but one must take care not to resemble a school boy getting ready for church. A men’s corduroy blazer is the way to incorporate the fabric, without appearing as wearing a costume.  After hours, it can take on a literate air, as an addition to the standard polo shirt and khakis. The effect is especially hip when worn with a strikingly designed t-shirt and distressed jeans.  The weight of the fabric lends itself to rolling, and a men’s corduroy blazer with rolled up sleeves can add an ironic touch to date night outfit. There are very few things this multi-tasking garment can’t work with. A dapper kilt, cargo pants, tight fitting jeans… the possibilities are endless.

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When traveling for business or pleasure, a men’s corduroy blazer is ideal for long plane flights. Tight seating is not a problem with this comfortable material and is nearly guaranteed to arrive looking presentable. As you are wearing the coat, you will have more room in your suitcase for the essentials. A men’s corduroy blazer is also fit for all but the most formal of occasions, making it a natural choice for travel. Since museums and other buildings of interest can be chilly, it is also inherently practical, especially when traveling to destinations where the weather and temperature change rapidly.  The truly fashion forward can try a it with a pair of board shorts and sandals, or as a topper on the beach.

This signature piece can also be a charming addition to a woman’s wardrobe. Slightly oversized, a men’s corduroy blazer becomes a playful touch when paired with floral frocks. A t-shirt and skinny jeans become slightly more polished when a jacket is thrown over the top. Again, this can prove a multi-seasonal piece for ladies, as well, since there will be room for layering sweaters and scarves in the colder months. There is also something delightful about a woman wearing clothing that belongs to the opposite sex, especially if it belongs to a special someone. By borrowing his jacket, she can take him with her, wherever she goes, and be reminded of him.  This truly is a must-have accessory for any wardrobe, male or female.

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3 Stylish ways to wear a Petite Jacket

Petite jackets are the one thing you have got to have in your wardrobe, if you belong to the petite women’s clothing category.


It is easy, because besides being multipurpose, if worn the right way according to your attribute and body structure, it will do miracles for your dilemma in the size section.  Jackets are the type of garment that can be seen as casual and edgy yet appropriate and sophisticated.

Therefore, it is a versatile piece of clothing for ladies petite fashion that petite women should be in favor of.

Furthermore, petite jackets are a great way to disguise any love handles or thick arms that you may struggle with when picking your style of dressing for petite women’s clothing.

If you are looking for a slight edgier look, you can choose to opt for petite leather jackets. They are usually made to fit your petite frame just nicely; not too tight and not too big.

Below are tips you can use when wearing petite jackets to suit your frame:

Tip #1: Choose fitted or semi-fitted jackets:

They require no tugging or fidgeting to form flattering and well-rounded lines.

Ensure that your jackets fits well around the bust area, it should be able to button up without any line pulling across the bust line as this will create an unpleasant feel as well as appearance because the jacket is a tad too small.

However, wearing oversized or larger jackets are just as unflattering because it covers up majority of your body length and it shows your petite frame.

As mentioned above, petite leather jackets usually has the best fit and cut if you are looking for a nice fitted or semi-fitted jacket.

Tip #2: Go with traditional type of jacket that ends at the high hip for ladies petite fashion.

With a V-neckline, it will make a petite / short woman taller because it forms a straight perpendicular cutting that creates the illusion of a longer leaner torso.

In addition to that, a shorter jacket complements petites because it is natural thinking that the legs start right below the hip.

Therefore, if the jacket were to end slightly above your actual hip line, it would appear that your legs are longer, elongated and slimmer all the way down.

Bear in mind that this illusion does not work if you match it with low cut jeans/pants.

Tip #3: Choose neutral/solid colored jackets

Increase the range of ways to match or wear your jacket by choosing them in a neutral/solid colours.

Make sure they are without patterns or embroidery because this causes the jacket to lose its purpose of creating a leaner and sleeker appeal.

Neutral colored jackets are not only easy to match with, they are also elegantly simple! I personally prefer a nice neutral colored tweed jacket to fit my 4″9 frame.

If you enjoy wearing prints, you could match your jacket with a printed shirt, skirt or dress.

A Glen plaid or vertical strips are also good ways to wear jackets with slight design with

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